Robyn Carignan

  • Physiotherapist, OG YEG Cycle Bikergang Member, Wine Lover, Will Run for Baked Goods

What's your why?

I am inspired by people who live their lives with passion. By people who unapologetically love what they do and are able to share that energy with others. I truly believe that if you can find something you are passionate about you should share that passion with others. Positive energy is contagious. This is why I feel lucky to work as a physiotherapist and YEG Cycle motivator. I am passionate about movement, and I have the ability to help and inspire others to move their bodies to serve both their mental and physical health.

Favourites Activities

Reading, running, trying new ways to move my body, doing anything outdoors, listening to live music (any genre, I feel like any live music when played with passion can connect to your soul)

Favourite Music

I could eat a charcuterie board every day for the rest of my life. And if you present me with popcorn or chips and salsa we will be BFF.

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Whyte Ave

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