Our Mission

Is to Create a Safe and Inclusive Fitness Experience for Every Body.




It all started with a couple born-and-raised Albertans who had the vision of creating a Safe and Inclusive Fitness Experience for Every Body and making an impact not only within our studios but in the communities that surround them. Fitness should be a supportive and welcoming environment to help you improve your physical and mental health! That's what our studios strive for! 

Along with our team of Motivators, YEG Cycle brings Edmonton a safe fitness and lifestyle community that thrives in and out of the studio. What’s so great about that? YEG Cycle creates a positive and non-intimidating environment from the moment you walk in the door while providing a highly effective workout to help you achieve your physical and mental health goals. Our daily classes, taught by our inspirational Motivators, will allow you to train to the beat of the music in just 50 minutes (even though it'll feel like the time flew by). Our top-of-the-line bikes, night-club lighting and sound system will make it easy to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen and tone muscles in your legs, core, and upper body while you continue your journey in becoming…





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We are in the business of happiness

2 positions available

  • CREW


    Do you love YEG Cycle and would like to work with some of the best people around?

    Well, you’re in luck! We have Crew (energy exchange) positions at all of our studios.

    So what does being Crew look like?

    We ask that our Crew commit to at least one 4 hour shift per week doing a variety of tasks such as cleaning, chatting with the Bikergang and helping out at the front desk when necessary. For every 4 hour shift, you will receive 2 spin classes onto your account. You are always allowed to pick up more shifts as well.

    What would I be doing during my shifts?

    As Crew, your main priority is, of course, taking care of the Bikergang.  Helping get them set up on bikes, studio tours and giving that warm welcome that makes us unique. Other duties involve doing laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the showers, cleaning the washrooms, and other ‘general cleaning’ duties. It’s a fun atmosphere and definitely a social one at that. Our Crew truly are our family!

    What are the expectations of being Crew for YEG Cycle?

    We expect that upon application you have a love for Spin! We want to be sure that you love our studio and our vibe before you make a commitment to us, and we make a commitment to you! We ask that all our Crew commit to a minimum six-month period working at least one 4-hour shift/week.  

    Having a Crew shift should be treated as a regular paying job; Crew are expected to show up on time each week for their shift. If you can’t come in for some reason (illness, out of town) then it’s your responsibility to have it covered and to let your Manager know. Crew are always willing to swap and help you out when you’re in a bind.

    Sound fun? Let’s get that application in!


    or Email all resumes to juniorstudiolead@yegcycle.com

  • Junior Studio Lead


    Job Description:

    • The Junior Studio Lead plays a crucial role in driving the growth of the company by efficiently managing their studio and leading their studio teams. This role demands a candidate who is passionate about the company's culture and brand, has a strong business acumen, interpersonal skills, and the capacity to solve problems creatively and adapt quickly. The ideal candidate should embody integrity, confidence, and be a strategic, bold role model responsible for the success and health of their Studio. Reporting directly to the Studio Lead, the Junior Studio Lead is the ultimate owner of their studio's performance and team well-being.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Team and Culture Management: Foster a positive company culture, set a motivating atmosphere, provide exceptional hospitality, and build strong relationships within the studio and local community.
    • Operational Excellence: Ensure the execution of company-wide initiatives, manage studio operations including scheduling, maintenance, and inventory, and uphold high hospitality and operational standards.
    • Team Development: Oversee hiring, onboarding, and continuous development of team members, including providing in-the-moment feedback, coaching, and recognizing team achievements.
    • Performance and Retention: Develop strategies for new rider acquisition and retention, manage loyalty programs, and ensure the team meets all studio duties and responsibilities efficiently.
    • Communication and Leadership: Maintain regular communication with the Studio Lead and team, manage conflict resolution, and promote a solution-oriented mindset within the studio.
    • Adaptability and Growth: Lead by example in adapting to changes in processes and operations, identifying and developing high-potential team members, and proactively addressing studio challenges.
    • This role requires a dynamic leader who is prepared to be hands-on in their approach, from covering shifts in emergencies to leading key meetings and events. The Junior Studio Lead must be adept at managing both the operational and interpersonal aspects of studio management, ensuring both the team's and studio's success.

    The Perks

    • Health Benefits
    • Free Unlimited Spin
    • Schedule Flexibility
    • Health Benefits
    • Vacation Pay

    Qualifications & Skills

    • Must be First Aid/CPR certified
    • Must be able to problem solve
    • Must be able to multitask
    • Must be able to communicate with team members and management
    • Availability: Full time