Chelsey Biggs

What's your why?

My riders are my why! I wouldn't be the Motivator I am without the constant inspiration I get from all the incredible people that show up every week, regardless of what they are going through on a personal level, and celebrate themselves. My goal as a Motivator is to make sure my riders feel supported and truly have the best experience inside our studio. YEG Cycle is my home, my community and my passion. I have met some of the strongest people I know in this space. It has carried me through some of the most difficult times in my life. If I can be a safe space for even ONE Bikergang, then I've done exactly what I came into this journey wanting to do.

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Favourites Activities

Anything that includes a good coffee or cocktail, food and conversation is my go to! The simple pleasures in life are what keep me happy and healthy. Spending time with my close friends and family, husband and dogs. Curling up with a good book. Rewatching my guilty pleasure shows for the 1000th time. Slow mornings in the sunshine. Moving my body in ways that feel good, as a celebration and never as a punishment.

Favourite Music

I truly love a little bit of everything. From rap and hip-hop remixes to EDM, throwbacks, mashups and orchestral bass music! If it's vibey, has a big beat drop or makes you FEEL something, you'll hear it in my classes.

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