Chelsey Biggs

What's your why?

I’m inspired daily by those around me. To have the opportunity to bring people together of all ages and backgrounds, with different journeys and struggles, into one room to sweat it out for 50 minutes. It's magic. Every single person walks into that room for a different reason, with a different goal, and I get to be a part of that. YEG Cycle is a community of kick-ass humans who show up and crush it out on stationary bikes and I’m so damn lucky to be right there with them.

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Favourites Activities

spin (duh), mid-day naps, board games, long walks with doggos, farmers markets, traveling, reading, Binging The Office, Friends and Greys Anatomy on Netflix, is brunch an activity?

Favourite Music

all things breakfast, mac and cheese, fish tacos, cider, avocados, popcorn mixed with peanut M&Ms, seafood (only from the East Coast), garlic fingers with cream cheese stuffed crust, Sriracha.

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