Emily Gleave-Higa

  • My playlists have every type of music from EDM to alt pop to R&B so there is something for everyone! I tend to favour heavy grinds and lots of hovers, however you can always count on a couple of jogs and intervals in each playlist. My choreography is typically simple and full of two-count dips because they're my all time favourite!

What's your why?

I hope that every single rider that comes to my class feels appreciated, valued and supported.

Favourites Activities

I am an avid reader, sing classical music, watch lots of hockey with my partner and I love to take my cats on walks in their cat backpack! I also love to watch (and rewatch) TV shows such as Mad Men and The Sopranos.

Favourite Music

Marina and the Diamonds
Whipped Cream
Dr. Fresch
Lana Del Rey
Hilary Duff

Find me at

Whyte Ave | Jasper Ave

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