Jesse Kupina

  • Musically my theme IS no theme. If you love a varied playlist scanning time and genre, my class is for you. The commitment in to have fun, and enjoy your body, I guarantee that you will find your self singing along as the minutes melt away. Full of throwbacks and anthems of all eras and genres, my playlists are heavy, fun and always have a bit of country soul.

What's your why?

I have so much gratitude for the ability to move my body and ride the bike. It is something that I do not take lightly or for granted. To me, the why, is vibrancy. Moving our bodies creates pathways for us to be healthier versions of ourselves, stimulates creativity, and allows us to live longer ... tacking on precious time to be with the people we love.

Favourites Activities

Spare time? Riding the bike with y'all! I live a full and busy life. I am a husband to an incredible wife and we have two amazing young kids. Between that and owning my own business, my spare time is very spare! Outside of family & business I am active in my church, and enjoy finding time to move my body.

Favourite Music

Backstreet Boys, Cole Swindell, Nsync, ACDC, Nelly, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Brandon Lake. My music likes spans all genres, eras, and artists. Things you can count on, musically, from me are amazing throwbacks, always a sprinkle of country, original tracks; BUT NEVER a dull moment.

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Whyte Ave | Jasper Ave

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