• Kalin strives to have her riders experience a vibrant, uplifting community led by her infectious positivity. Kalin infuses her bubbly, funny energy into every moment, creating an atmosphere where riders feel not only strong but also seen and heard. Her playlists are carefully curated to reflect the diverse energy of her class. Tension-heavy EDM remixes mingle with electronic beats, rap anthems, and orchestral vibes, creating a dynamic soundtrack that drives both physical exertion and mental reflection. She understands the power of music to transport riders into a space of focus and determination, encouraging them to disconnect from external distractions and tune into the present moment. Kalin prioritizes tension over speed to cultivate intentional movement and foster strength building. With a deliberate focus on resistance, riders are encouraged to engage their muscles fully, working through the grittiness of each pedal stroke to push themselves to new limits. Each pedal stroke becomes a chance to push through the grittiness, to dig deep and find that inner resolve. Kalin works towards creating a collective sense of accomplishment, celebrating the journey they've conquered together in that final track.

What's your why?

My why is being able to create a space where everyone who walks through the doors feels seen and supported. I want my riders to walk out feeling empowered and being able to reset and feel good about themselves. My reason is my riders, being there for them, showing up for them in however they need, and providing a space where they can give something to themselves and for a full 50 minutes feel proud and accomplished in the physical and mental work we do together, becoming stronger then yesterday.

Favourites Activities

Teach littles, anything art related, listen to music....of course!, moving my body, happy hour with friends

Favourite Music

APASHE, Eminem, ILLENIUM, LIL JON, The Weeknd,

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